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~by Robbyn Hodgs~

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is, by definition, a means of marketing yourself or your brand by using the various social media platforms available. If accurate marketing strategies are utilized, your brand or product could be reached by thousands, if not millions, of people.

Learning where to market, how to market, and to whom to market on social media is a must, and can be met with these simple steps:

1. Figure Out Your Target Audience.

Your target, or niche, audience is the group of people you are trying to draw to your brand. With whom does your brand relate? Is it geared towards the 18-25 age group or the 45-60? Men or women? Large corporations or small businesses? Answering these questions gives you a great start in finding your ideal client or customer.

2. Where Does Your Ideal Client/Customer Hang Out?

You figured out your target market, but now you have to figure out where this target market hangs out. If Facebook seems to be where the age group of your target audience hangs out, you may want to put a bit more effort into marketing your brand using that platform. The preferred hangout could be Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Google+. Researching various groups on each social media site or even conducting a quick survey could help you locate your target audience. Wherever it is, find it and use it.

3. How to Market Your Brand.

Once you have decided on a platform (or a few platforms), you can start marketing. How you market your brand is up to you. You can create a Facebook page for your brand for people to like and follow. Join groups and start networking on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also create tweets with links to your website or product site.


Everyone with a brand or product should use social media marketing to push it to the next level. There are so many networking opportunities presented on social media platforms, and networking is a must if your brand or product is ever going to get off the ground. Now that you know the basics of SMM, you can start presenting yourself and your brand as an established business and reach more people than you could have ever dreamed.


Meet the Author: Robbyn Hodgs, V.A.

Robbyn is a Virtual Assistant and the owner of Robbyn Hodgs, V.A. She specializes in Social Media, Writing and Administrative Services, but her skills don’t stop there. Robbyn’s outgoing, driven attitude will help you get things done, which will help your business get back on top where it belongs! 

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