Some Signs You Might Be Overdoing It

Some Signs You Might Be Overdoing It

Given that by about 1:30 on Monday, I was ready for my head to explode, I thought I’d share some signs that perhaps you might be overdoing things by just a little bit.  I hope that this can be a helpful guide to knowing when to slow down, if only a little bit.

Signs You Might be Overdoing It:

  1. Your head is spinning, and you find yourself speaking in tongues to your children.  This is a clear sign that perhaps your are a bit stressed and need to slow down and perhaps reduce your stress level.  The children also appreciate actually being able to understand what you’re saying.
  2. You can’t understand why the cat looks like a duster but simply will not dust the floors or shelves for you.  Cats do not like being identified as dusters.  The rabbit might not mind, though.  Try him instead.
  3. You’ve started sounding like a chipmunk all the time when you speak.
  4. Explosion of any body parts.  Never a good scene, and the mess is horrific.  So, before your head explodes, it’s best to recognize the pressure build-up and back off just a little bit.

What about you?  What are your sure signs that you might be overdoing it?

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