Sometimes my life is really, truly overwhelming.  This week is one of those weeks.  I’m in the process of getting my dad moved to a different place to live because his condition has declined rather quickly.  While I’m doing that, we’re working on engaging hospice.  I’m also working with my daughters on a Girl Scout Gold Award, another daughter on a Girl Scout Silver Award, and I’ve also got one kid who has something going on at school, making it hard for him to read.  We’re going through extensive testing to pinpoint exactly what to do for him.  Throw in a couple of trips, bank work, and planing a funeral, and a few other things, and honestly, it’s pretty much insane.  I’m probably not firing on all cylinders, as any of the above could drive me to distraction.  I don’t have the choice of just walking away, or burying my head in the sand.  Sometimes I just fire on the cylinders I have.

Practically speaking, that means that I force myself to be present with wherever I am, as much as I possibly can.  I deliberately try to not multi-task, or I totally confuse myself.  I just do one thing at a time.  If it’s not good enough, so be it, but at least I tried.

As moms, many times we have the world coming at us from too many directions at once.  Honestly, it may not be do-able, but with a bit of juggling, somehow the things that really have to happen seem to.  I just fire on the cylinders I have, and keep going at it.  One task at a time.