Stampeding Cats

Stampeding Herd Of CatsLife around here is never boring.  After my dad died, I inherited his two cats.  It turns out that they are much younger than my other cat, and I had forgotten just how nocturnal they can be.  My existing cat is over 21 years old, so he spends most of his nights sleeping.  Not so the younger two.  They are bouncy, bouncy, fun.  In fact, they take turns making runs across the bedroom at night, and of course that involves all 22 pounds of sir Beasley the cat landing firmly in the middle of my stomach while I’m sleeping.  They are, quite simply, their own herd of stampeding cats

In case you’re wondering, Beasley is the Grey colored one.  Chris is the tortie/striped guy with green eyes.  Neither of them has exactly missed many meals, if you catch my drift.  Now that they are no longer running when we come into the room, it is like having our own herd of stampeding cats in the house.  And you know what they say about herding cats…

Since they usually choose to demonstrate their stampeding skills in the wee hours of the morning, my sleep lately has been interrupted more than not.  It appears that I will become an early riser, because of this herd of stampeding cats.

Oh yes.  I do get that I could close the door.  See, the big grey guy will sit there and bang on the door until we open it.  Yes.  I know, I put up with it.  I’m a sucker for a cute face.  It’s a personal problem, and my own weakness.


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