How to Make Your Business Stand Out with the Right Branding Techniques

"How to Make Your Business Stand Out with the Right Branding Techniques" Peacock

~ by Emma Miller ~.

The brand is the most valuable asset for most businesses. Its main purpose is to share the company’s messages and make it stand out from the competition. Although most entrepreneurs think that branding only requires creating a memorable logo design, this process goes far beyond a company’s visual identity.

Branding defines the company’s relations with the general public and its consumer base. Effective differentiation is the most important characteristic of every successful brand. Big companies like Coca-Cola, KFC, and Apple use their brand identity to sell more products and engage their audience. The growing market requires businesses to implement innovative branding tactics.

In this article, we’re going to share some of the most effective branding techniques that will help you improve your company’s image and make it stand out.

Outstanding Customer Service

Consumers easily remember exceptional customer service, and they often share their shopping insights with their friends and family. Since recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing are, in general, among the most effective branding techniques, outstanding customer service can increase your brand recognition and improve its value. Still, improving your customer service is not an easy task. You need to make yourself available to your customers at all times. Customer service tasks can be simplified and made more effective with specialized software. You should also use a wide variety of communication channels to be in touch with your customer base. Create a mix of traditional contact sources like phone and email, as well as currently popular customer service channels, like Twitter or website live chat.

Memorable Visual Identity

The corporate logo is a graphic representation of a company’s values. A well-designed logo can spread the company’s message far and wide, and that’s why entrepreneurs shouldn’t settle for solutions offered by online logo designers and cheap graphic design hacks. You need to invest both time and money into creating a stunning visual identity, and this investment will guarantee great returns. A company’s visual identity creation goes far beyond a simple logo design. This term also encompasses a set of corporate colors and a brand identity style guide that describes how you can use the logo in the right way. A good placement is equally important as a logo design itself, and that’s why entrepreneurs should hire competent graphic designers who will equip them with the book of standards that narrowly defines shapes, colors, and rules for using company visuals.

Promotional Merchandise

Many people thought that digital technologies were going to disrupt the marketing world so much so that all the traditional techniques would soon be forgotten. Although digital marketing almost annihilated TV and newspaper ads, one traditional marketing method still works like a charm. Useful and good-looking promotional merchandise is one of the most effective branding tools. The prices of commercial printing services are becoming more affordable every year. In addition to this, worldwide eCommerce allows promotional merchandise manufacturers to purchase good-quality and affordable products from China and other Asian markets.

Promotional products you give out to your customers need to be both useful and well-designed. This way, you will make sure that their recipients will use them on a regular basis and promote your company at the same time. Promotional merchandise should also be fully customized to cater to your customers’ needs and solve the problems they are facing on a daily basis, which is what industrial design studios can do.

Copywriting that Hits the Spot

A good sales pitch and convincing website copy are essential for attracting new leads and turning prospects into customers. A skilled copywriter will provide your web presentation with attractive slogans and turn your landing and product pages into an effective sales funnel. When it comes to branding, the copywriting is as essential as graphic design. Creative content can easily set your web presentation apart and make it stand out. Although many entrepreneurs think they can create website content by themselves, by focusing on these tasks they are diverting attention from their company’s core business. That’s why hiring a professional copywriter is the best way to ensure a steady stream of good-quality web content.

Good branding is partly art, partly science. It helps you present your business in the right way and convey your messages to the target audience. Due to fast technological advances, the branding process has drastically changed in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, many traditional branding techniques are still highly relevant. The right combination of digital and offline branding will make consumers remember your business and help you leave your market rivals far behind.

Meet the Author: Emma Miller

Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Her interests are digital marketing, social media, start-ups, and the latest trends. She is also a contributor at Bizzmark blog.


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