I am a troop leader to 3 troops. My biggest contribution for all three is to be the cookie Mom to all three troops. This year, I had 48 girls selling a combined 22000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. But that isn’t the strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA.

The strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA has been to figure out how to unload quantities of a new flavor of Girl Scout Cookie that had been ordered by troops. They essentially marooned themselves and owed more to Council than they were going to receive in troop cookie profits. I stepped in and took their leftover gluten free cookies as a transfer. That means I then got to sell large quantities of a flavor of cookie that other troops were having significant difficulties with. So far, I’ve taken in about 70 cases of cookies, including one troop who had 24 cases, and another from 2 hours away with 50 cases.

In less than 2 weeks I’ve shipped out cookies to other Girl Scout troops all across the country. Over 50 cases of cookies. have left my house. The post office is starting to wonder what we’re doing here with all of these cookies. This is probably the strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA. I stepped in to be a Sister to every Girl Scout. Because I could. I understand that I need to get the cookies out. And if I don’t, they’ll go to the Brown Bag ministries. But no troops will be left with them.

Problem solved. It’s actually been kinda fun. Normally, I don’t directly involve myself in selling cookies, because I believe it’s the girls’ thing. I am here in a supporting role. But this once, I’m stepping in, doing about the strangest thing I’ve done with my MBA.