Tactics to Skyrocket Your On-Demand Beauty App Installs

Let’s think like a customer – Close your eyes for a minute and name those apps that you have used in a day. Probably you will only be able to name 1 or 2. Why is that so? Because of the ease, security, navigation, use of features, etc.

From the moment we wake up till we sleep – On-demand Apps drive our lives. Whether it is as simple as taking a taxi buying groceries to booking a holiday everything is done through an app.

What does this mean for your salon business? The On-demand economy is lucrative and has a lot of potential opportunities to offer. However, having a Salon Services App is not sufficient. You will have to put in a lot of effort to encourage your customers to download and use the app.

Below are some ideas that market and promote your On-demand Beauty and Salon Services App.

  1. Offer a solution and not an App

Nothing more impressive it is when customers download the app and their motive is met. A lot of On-demand Salon Services apps often make the mistake of developing a solution that doesn’t meet the criteria of their consumers.

Keep in mind that you are customers when looking for varied beauty and spa treatments and are looking forward to rejuvenating. Hence, they are not really into a fancy app but a workable app that provides them with the solution. Rather than following the herd of developing an Online Salon App like others, be different by offering an app that answers your customers’ pain points.

  1. Make sure your app runs flawlessly on various devices

Your app works fine on the Android Phone but has a glitch on the Apple phone or the screen isn’t responsive while you are using it on the tablet. This hampers the user experience and limits to tap into a mobile segment. Your customers will download the app through their smartphones. Hence make sure the On-demand Beauty and Spa App is compatible and works well on all devices. Offering a glitch-free experience in an array of smartphones as well as tablets.

  1. Consider integrating user-centric features

This is the most integral part that will have an impact on the app downloads. Offering user-centric features like Social media login and signup, booking single or multiple services, checking booking history, booking now or booking later, ease of making payments, more than one service, live-track the beautician in real-time basis, and more. Offering features that are beneficial to your users can lure them to use your app frequently, thus raising your profit margins.

  1. Offering multiple payment methods

Offering multiple payment modes to your users is another way to boost your app downloads. Provide Online Salon Services App with seamless payment options like Debit cards, Credit cards, In-app Wallets, and cash depending on your demographic and geographical preferences.

Incorporating the latest trends in payment gateways which are more robust, quick, and efficient can give you a cutting edge over your competitors.

  1. Partnering with the local community

If you are developing an On-demand Salon Marketplace App, partnering with local beauty parlors, salons, well-ness retreat centers, as well as independent salon service providers to win more business. It is an innovative tool to grow your Salon App Business by establishing a good rapport with the local community.

An online salon services app offers several advantages to your users including 24/7 booking availability, cashless transactions, browsing from a wide range of services within proximity, and getting salon treatments done at convenience.

  1. Make your strong online presence

In this digital era, we cannot overlook the importance of Online Presence. We have seen how influencers and marketers are gaining their visibility by just having a regular online presence. Online presence surely expands visibility to your users. Also, it motivates them to download the app and that’s how they went on to become loyal customers.

  1. Taking feedback and making improvement

Positive feedback is an organic way to boost App downloads. Feedback and ratings aren’t always about the services you are offering through the app. It also conveys how your app functions, usability, UX, payment methods, and features, and how are you working towards improvising the same.

  1. Collecting data and analysing to up our marketing game

The app provides you with detailed insights about your customer’s preferences in terms of salon treatments, timings they book the services, payment methods, age groups booking the beauty treatments, and more. This aids in developing your upcoming marketing campaigns thus allowing you to pitch the services accordingly, resulting in more business. Features like Location-wise push notifications allow you to geo-fence the location to target the users so that you can pitch them lucrative deals/discounts.

Cost Of Developing Customized On Demand Salon App

The question has no definitive answer. When creating an app like Glamsquad, several factors must be taken into account, including:

  • Support and upkeep when working with a mobile app development company; • Software development costs
  • Website development
  • Testing and bug fixes
  • Backend development
  • Integrated functionality
  • OS platform for iOS and Android
  • MVP testing

There are very few drawbacks to creating a salon app similar to Glamsquad. This initial On Demand investment Salon App is a cheap investment with a lot of potential returns. Get a live demo from the mobile app development company you employ so you can verify the functioning across various platforms.

Wrapping Up

In addition to being a great way to increase customer accessibility to beauty treatments, beautician on-demand services are also a great way to market and strengthen your brand.

Any trustworthy mobile app development business will be able to white-label and publish your brand name and logo on an on-demand beautician app that you buy. Buy White-label Beautician On-Demand Apps only from reliable app development companies. Check out their excellent client endorsements, and speak highly of the app development services they have rendered.

Take a live demo of the features and functionalities in a real-time environment. Because it is a ready-to-launch app script, it may require to tweak a not as per your business preferences.


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