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Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained – 3 Qualities of an Outstanding Leader

~by Anita Ginsburg~ . The path to being an outstanding leader is paved with hard work and lots of experience. While it can take time to build the necessary experience to fill the shoes of an exceptional leader, there are other qualities that an outstanding leader should strive to develop. With the right qualities, a…
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5 Useful Degrees to Help You Make an Impact

~by Anita Ginsburg~ .  Something many new college students struggle with is choosing a degree. There are so many careers to choose from, and it can certainly be intimidating. One thing you should consider is your prospects for finding work with the various degrees. You should also consider whether or not your chosen career will…
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Influential Leader

How to Become an Influential Leader in Your Industry

~by Anita Ginsburg~ . Becoming an expert should be the target of every professional. You will be able to back up your findings and opinions with fact that can be used to drive advancement in any given field. When you’re recognized as an expert, you will boost product sales, become a familiar face with clients…
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