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7 Simple Tips to Ruin Your Career

Lately, I’ve gotten to see some great behavior from employees, and some pretty darn lousy behavior.  There are, some surefire ways to ruin your career, and your job, so I thought I’d share those here in a helpful post.   7 Simple Tips to Ruin Your Career Develop a reputation as being hard to work…
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It’s Time to Eliminate Exploding Job Offers | LinkedIn

Every year, some of my students receive the worst good news that can come during a job search. “We’d like to hire you,” the recruiter begins, “but we need a decision very quickly.” It’s usually less than a month, sometimes as short as a day, and the offer always expires before the students have a…
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Don’t Send That Holiday Card (Unless You Mean It) | LinkedIn

This morning I opened a Christmas card from my realtor, whom I’ll call Gail. The cover had photos of her kids, and the inside had a note to me written by hand: “Erica, hope you and your family have a wonderful first Thanksgiving at Lincoln Road!” What’s the problem? Well, the main one is that…
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