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6 Most Annoying Myths about Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Women in business still face prejudices and clichés that their male counterparts don’t have to deal with. The good news is that many of these myths are already dying. Changing attitudes and new opportunities are giving female entrepreneurs and business leaders a chance to shine. As much as times have changes, there are some persistent…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Janice Chaka

Janice is the founder of The Career Introvert. She has made it her mission to dispel the myths about introversion while helping introverts get the most out of their careers and businesses Entrepreneur Interview Q & A 1. What is the name of your business? What does your business do? The Career Introvert I am…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Zerah Capili

Zerah Capili works as a Creative Coordinator for Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation a NGO based company that introduces children especially the underprivileged ones about arts and crafts. She is also handles her own business called “Sapinsapin Tanzan”.  Her products are mostly handmade that ranges from different quirky knick knacks. She consign her…
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9 Crowd Funding Guidelines for Female Entrepreneurs

~by Rayanne Dany~ . Being a woman, you’re aware that you’re up against overwhelming odds when you decide to pursue any profession. This is especially the case when women are looking for investors. Many investors are almost always reluctant to invest in a female-led startup company. Looking for investors isn’t the only way you can…
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