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The Definitive Guide To Making High-Performance OKRs For Your Company

OKRs stands for Objectives and Key Results, a goal management system created by CEO of Intel Andy Grove that keeps workers on track to achieving project aims. OKRs are designed to align the goals of individuals and teams with the company’s, prioritize actions, improve team communication and engage employees in running successful projects.

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Creating a Dream Team for the Family Business

For your family business to succeed, you need to create a “dream team”.

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Reasons for and Benefits of Business Coaching

Experience, while relevant in any occupation, plays the greatest role in running a business and nowhere else do you get to learn so much as you do from a failure. Nonetheless, it would be false to presume that a business is something you can’t learn or get better at with time. With the help of business coaching, you can get to a greater level of executive efficiency much sooner.

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Want Thrilled Customers? Under Promise and Over Deliver

One of the easiest tips for keeping clients and customers happy is to under promise and over deliver. What I mean by that is very, very simple.

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Entrepreneur Interview – Nicole Martinez

Nicole Martinez is the author of “Midday Meditations”, “Spring Dream”, “The Logan’s Tree”, and the upcoming release “Intentional Business”. She is owner of Heart of Ink Publishing and director of the Believers in Business community. She devotes much of her time as a speaker and small business owner consultant.

10 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help

~by Haley Gray~ Everyone Needs a Mentor… Women are not very good at finding mentors for business, especially other women who are mentors. Mostly, they don’t think they have time, or that other mentors aren’t like them, so they won’t understand their concerns and problems. If you’re a woman who is an entrepreneur, you’re in a…
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Do I Need An MBA To Start a Business?

by Haley Gray I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that in order to start a business, you need a fancy education. Sure, I have an MBA from a top-rated business school; it has helped me tremendously. However, I don’t think that was a requirement to start a successful business. The MBA is great…
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NEVER Put Your Home in Jeopardy to Hire a Coach

One of the big scams I see running rampant in the online community are so-called coaches who walk people through selling their assets so that their targets can afford to pay them.   People pull out their credit cards, ready and willing to buy a dream. It’s like crack or cocaine. They figure if they…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Lorraine Pirihi

After 13 years of running ‘The Productivity Queen’, productivity specialist Lorraine Pirihi literally walked away, reinvented herself and created ‘Relaunch Your Life’. She regained her mojo and now helps other established business owners get their sh*t together. Entrepreneur Interview Q & A — 1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do? Relaunch Your…
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7 Ways to Gain Traction in Your Business

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Anyone who tells you starting a business is easy is lying through her teeth. Someone, somewhere may have managed to start a business with clients that came easily, who never hit any road bumps, and it all just magically worked out. That isn’t reality for most entrepreneurs. It is true some…
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