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"5 Great Team Building Exercises for Leadership Training" 5 Team Members Graphic

5 Great Team Building Exercises for Leadership Training

Many leadership training courses offer team building exercises and activities to help develop that cohesion. From the absurd to the fun, the range of activities varies as much as the types of companies who use them.

Encouraging Girls to Lead

  I spend a considerable amount of my time leading three Girl Scout Troops.  One of the biggest gifts that the program gives girls is the opportunity to lead, in ways that other organizations simply don’t.  Since there are fundamental differences in the ways in which girls and boys interact with the world, I think…
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Challenge- Expand Your Influence And Make the World a Better Place

I have started challenging myself in the last couple of years to really expand my influence and make a difference in the world.  I have long been a Girl Scout Leader, and this is my 11th year in that capacity, but I wanted to do MORE.  So, I started really working with the kids to…
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Giving Thanks In The Workplace

Too often we tend to take one another for granted in the workplace. People are just there to get their jobs done.  It’s just business.  Or is it?  Stop and think for a minute what a simple “thanks” or “Hey, great job” means to someone.  As leaders, we have to remember that by definition leadership…
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