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10 Bodacious Ideas for Passive Income Streams

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Looking for passive income ideas? People often think that making money is incredibly hard to do. I think that it requires a shift in mindset, and also some ingenuity. Really, you have to create something, or sell something that someone else would like to buy. There are so many ways that…
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Mom’s Survival Toolkit

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ In today’s hectic world, Moms need a survival toolkit. And every mom, whether she works out of the home, in the home, or is a stay at home mom, has a variety of tips and tricks up her sleeve to stay sane. Some of the tricks and tools I use to…
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Working Mom Interview – Lori Kelly

Working Mom Lori Kelly has 2 children and has been married for 7 years.  She has been a hair stylist for almost 20 years and works part time at a small salon near her home. She is also a caretaker for her grandmother, and for her father who recently had a heart transplant. Interview Q…
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