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"6 Great Summer Jobs to Consider" Figurines Graphic

6 Great Summer Jobs to Consider

Some people find themselves out of work during the summer months, but bills are still due year round. Fortunately, there are some great seasonal jobs to choose from to help make ends meet and keep busy.

"How to Help Your New Restaurant Succeed" Dining Table Graphic

How to Help Your New Restaurant Succeed

Owning a restaurant can be a profitable business, but certain measures should be taken to guarantee its success. Follow these tips so that your restaurant can be a lasting establishment in your city.

"5 Ways Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Shipping Methods" Colorful Dandelions

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Optimize Their Shipping Methods

If your business takes part in shipping items to customers, you will know that shipping and handling fees often have the power to get the best of you. Consider these five ways to optimize your business’s shipping methods, performance, and costs.

"5 Tips for Maintaining a Safe Workplace, Free from Hazards and Injuries" Tulips

5 Tips for Maintaining a Safe Workplace, Free from Hazards and Injuries

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to keep employees safe. The cost of neglecting safety can be serious. You could face law suits, fines, lost productivity, and a reputation as a dangerous and uncaring company. All employers need to take steps to ensure they are providing a safe workplace.

digital agency

Suggestions for Working with a Digital Design Agency

~by Dixie Somers~ . If you’re the owner of a small business or start-up, you’ve probably read or heard about working with a design and development company at least once. Their praises are sung across the web and within local communities, but what makes them so great? Are they really an essential asset to your…
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4 Unique Hurdles Small Healthcare Businesses Must Deal With

~by Dixie Somers~ . Small medical businesses have different challenges to overcome in comparison to larger health networks. In addition to providing quality care, they must overcome the kind of problems that small businesses face when competing with large companies. Here is a look at some of the common issues that these providers deal with,…
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4 Skills That Will Make You an Invaluable Asset

~by Dixie Somers~ . When you’re starting out in the real world and looking to make a great living, you’ll need to be better than the rest of those in your field. Although this is easier said than done, becoming a valuable employee at your company — no matter where you work — is possible.…
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online reputation

6 Tips for Establishing a Solid Online Reputation

~by Dixie Somers~ . As a business owner, you may understand that information posted on the Internet about your company can make or break you. People respond well to positive reviews, and they’ll carefully avoid companies that have a negative reputation online. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to safeguard your company’s reputation…
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make your customers comfortable

Make Your Customers Comfortable; Keep Them Coming Back

~by Dixie Somers~ . When customers feel comfortable in a business, they return. Ensuring your customers’ comfort is a smart, low-cost investment that pays off. Below are a few ways you can make sure that customers are comfortable in your establishment. Provide Refreshments Stock your store, front desk and waiting room areas with coffees, teas…
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Customer Experiences

How Technology Can Help You Improve Customer Experiences

~by Dixie Somers~ . You can get distracted by all the new technology that comes along for use in your business. The best way to sustain business and boost revenue is through customer retention. Loyal customers provide ten times more value than an initial purchase. That requires delivering excellent customer service on a daily basis.…
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