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Entrepreneurs, You’re Not in it Alone: How to Find Comfort in Your Resources

~by Kara Masterson~ . When working to start your own business, it’s not uncommon to feel alone and isolated. This can be problematic because it can kill your enthusiasm and do harm to your business. But it’s important to remember that, as an entrepreneur, you’re never truly alone. This guide will help you find comfort…
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Teresa Hawley-Howard

Entrepreneur Interview – Teresa Hawley-Howard

Teresa Hawley-Howard is an author, speaker and life coach. More importantly, she is a survivor. Her journey will inspire and encourage you to live your best life now. Entrepreneur Interview Q & A – 1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do? The name of my business is Women on a Mission.…
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Stay Focused

How to Stay Focused When Things Get Chaotic

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Have you ever had times in your business when everything seemed chaotic? Were you able to stay focused? There are plenty of days when things don’t go nearly as anticipated in business and entrepreneurship. People get sick. Kids get sent home from school. Clients ask for refunds, or don’t pay. Or…
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Competitive Advantage

Does Your Business Have a Competitive Advantage?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Do you know what makes you different from the many other companies or individuals out there who do exactly what you do? What makes you better? What competitive advantage does your business have? Why should someone choose to do business with you? What are your distinguishing points that make you stand…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown has been an entrepreneur all her life. From a successful 12 year career as a Realtor, to an international sales and marketing director, Kerry is known as the Small Biz Expert and Strategist. She is a wise, results driven, inspiring and kick butt coach. Kerry is a Licensed Advanced Professional Business Coach and…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Ramona Taylor

Ramona Taylor is a human resources entrepreneur. She made the transition from working for somebody else to starting her own staffing and training business, and also helps other professional women become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Interview Q & A 1. What is your business/Business Name?  What does your business do? My business is Abundant Staffing and Training.…
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The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Entrepreneurship

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ A lot of times when people hear that I’m an entrepreneur, they start making assumptions about what I’m like, or about what my work ethic must be. Other entrepreneurs get what we go through — the ups, and the downs, and the sheer unpredictability of being an entrepreneur.  The Good Since…
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3 Tips for Work-Life Balance that WORK!

~By Rachel Brenke~ Recently, I learned a huge lesson in work-life balance. I was sitting on the floor holding the breast pump to me in one hand, the baby on the other breast, and my 18-month-old was smacking me in the head. All while I was trying to answer a client email on my phone.…
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How to Take Advantage of National Small Business Week

This week is National Small Business Week! There are over 28 million small businesses in our great nation, each one built from the ground up with blood, sweat, devotion and passion. It is a fantastic week to take some time to reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, be it in your market of business, or many…
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Find an Extra 1-2 Hours to Accomplish More Every Day With These Tricks

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   What would an extra hour or two every day do for your business? What would you be able to accomplish that you just aren’t able to on a normal basis? Would you reach your weekly goals that you just can’t seem to meet every week? Here are some easy ways to gain time…
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