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Women Lead "Be a Leader, Not a Boss"

The Female Advantage: How Women Lead

Men and women are equal in settings that match gender roles. But when an organization’s leader happens to be a woman, some people raise an eyebrow or inwardly start questioning whether she has what it takes to take an organization to the next level – or at least ensure that it doesn’t go under.

Female Leaders

45 Inspirational Quotes from Female Leaders

Entrepreneurism is a challenging journey for most; and for women, there are additional obstacles in the way such as access to funding and overcoming the gender gap. Despite these challenges, there is no shortage of successful women to look up to.

"4 Powerful Female Leaders" Businesswomen against Black Background Graphic

4 Powerful Female Leaders

Female entrepreneurship isn’t a new concept, but the public is finally becoming increasingly aware of the strengths women in major leadership roles are bringing to the proverbial table.

Career Tip – Leave Your Mood At Home

Have you ever had a colleague who who was moody one day, snappish the next? How did you like working with that person? Here’s a career tip for women especially : leave your mood at home.  I know, our hormones sometimes get the better of us.  I’ve known so many women who have raging hormones…
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I’m Not Jaded: Don’t Discourage Our Future Female Leaders | LinkedIn

I am exhausted by the stream of content pointing out the lack of women in leadership roles. This might be surprising, considering I went to a high school that carried the motto “Empowering Women.” My closest friends frequently call me a feminist, and the men in my office know not to refer to the women…
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