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Thank You Note

5 Tips to Pay it Forward in the Workplace

Some of my favorite things in life are random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  In this post, I’ll talk about ways to pay it forward in the workplace.

Team Huddle

Giving Back

Giving back is an important part of being a well-rounded individual and leader. Giving back to the world around me is part of who I am and very important to me. It is a part of my identity.

How to STOP Running in Heels and Get a Life you Want! – Jackie Ruka

 By Jackie Ruka Are you a woman running heals, frantic to figure out your time with career, money, family and social life but end up not doing anything at all to resolve this feeling of disarray? Well, join the club! Each and every one of us has been there. I coin this as “women running…
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Remembering Dad And A Year Of Changes

One year ago, today, my father died.  It was one of those moments in my life that wasn’t exactly unexpected, but it was also one of the most difficult.  It was also one of the biggest turning points in my life.  So many things have changed in the last year, despite losing my dad.  I…
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Giving Back To The Community

A non-trivial percentage of my time is spent giving back to the community, through volunteer work, and through fundraising.  I noted in my profile that I currently lead three Girl Scout Troops, and also that I lead a cub scout den.  I think that giving back to the community is a great thing to do,…
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Writing a Book

I’m making my first foray into book authorship. It is going to be a great resource on how to choose a quality Home Care Business.  In doing some research, I discovered that there is very little information out there about how to find quality care.  There are plenty of anthologies on finances, wills, powers of…
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Random Acts of Kindness? There Should be an App for That | LinkedIn

Random acts of kindness have become much more prevalent in our society, and I think that they are a beautiful thing. ………….. “Recently, a friend of mine was recounting the story of how a mutual acquaintance of ours had committed a random act of kindness. Specifically, the person had given money to a homeless person…
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Lessons in Generosity

It’s that time of year again when we take turns standing outside with our daughter selling Girl Scout Cookies.  We learn so many lessons while we’re out selling cookies, but one of the biggest is lessons in generosity.  My children are learning that many times, the people who have the least to give are the…
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Challenge- Expand Your Influence And Make the World a Better Place

I have started challenging myself in the last couple of years to really expand my influence and make a difference in the world.  I have long been a Girl Scout Leader, and this is my 11th year in that capacity, but I wanted to do MORE.  So, I started really working with the kids to…
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Giving Thanks In The Workplace

Too often we tend to take one another for granted in the workplace. People are just there to get their jobs done.  It’s just business.  Or is it?  Stop and think for a minute what a simple “thanks” or “Hey, great job” means to someone.  As leaders, we have to remember that by definition leadership…
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