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How to Break through the Glass Ceiling at the Workplace

~by Lisa Pye~   Have you reached a point in your workplace beyond which you feel any further advancement is likely, no matter how qualified you are? This “point” is often termed the glass ceiling and it’s not just some fantasy concept. Unfortunately, it is very real. Although, many women today are progressing and performing…
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How Women Can Build Leadership Skills and Excel

~by Anica Oaks~ . Women have long fought against the “glass ceiling” in business that makes it much harder for them to obtain upper management positions than their male counterparts. But by taking some steps to self-evaluate and build leadership skills, women can put themselves in the best position to be extremely successful in the…
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Refining Your Leadership Skills on Your Way to the Top

~by Emma Sturgis~ . According to Fortune Magazine, the number of female CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies reached a historic high in 2014. Women everywhere are shattering the glass ceiling and reaching dizzying heights in the workforce. Honing your leadership skills is an integral part of climbing the ladder of success in business. If you…
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