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"Being an Entrepreneur is Scary. How Do You Overcome Your Fears?" Woman with Laptop and Notebook Graphic

Being an Entrepreneur is Scary. How Do You Overcome Your Fears?

As an entrepreneur, you take a risk, you put yourself out there for the world to see and hope things work out. It’s not always easy. So how do you overcome your fears?

"How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts" Light Bulb on Chalkboard Thought Bubble Graphic

How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts

Like many others, I had to learn how to gain control of my thoughts. Giving up sarcasm was huge. I had to come up with a new approach to humor. How could I be funny without being negative?

Listen to Your Heart, for Business’ Sake

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ So many times in business we do things that don’t feel right – because we don’t listen to our heart or conscience. The cool thing about being a business owner is that you get to listen to your heart, and to take your business in the direction that your heart wants…
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Step Back, Let Go, and Say Yes to Yourself

~by Maria Marc~ Time and again we are living scripts written by other people and we forget to listen to our inner voice. This makes us insecure, unhappy and in many occasions overweight. Thousands of women are suffering from lack of empowerment, yet only some of them dare to choose a new path towards a…
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