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Teams Are Stronger

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ How many times have you just done something because it was faster to do it than to rely on someone else? How many times, because you could do it better, or you didn’t feel like communicating with someone else or dealing with them? Would you believe me that good teams are…
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1 Life Tip: Know Yourself

My best tip for life, and living is to know yourself.  You may think from some of my posts, that I have the world’s most perfect home.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, what I have is a pile of toys stacked up about waist high behind me as I type this,…
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5 Tips to Teach Kids Life Skills

I’m really big on teaching my kids life skills.  Right now, I have a 15 year old who’s currently visiting friends in Germany.  She flew there by herself, and is taking trains between cities by herself.  My 12 year old is learning to fill out forms for various activities that she wants to participate in.…
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