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"Having Problems Dealing With an Unfair Boss?" Angry Emoji with Lipstick and Lashes

Having Problems Dealing With an Unfair Boss?

Ever have an unfair boss who made your life miserable? What about a supervisor who had it in for you? These could be potentially damaging to your career, and to your health.

The Value of People

Most businesses that have grown past the point of having a single employee have been built with the people who work for the company.  Some people will have a positive effect on the corporate or company culture, and others will have a negative effect.   But every person will have an effect on the company.…
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Leadership Has Different Meanings

It is interesting to see how much the term “leadership” is used these days.  Eagle Scouts, and Girl Scout Gold Awards are leadership projects.  Clubs try to teach leadership, and Ravenscroft has started a phenomenal program to teach and instill leadership in the kids that go there.  But with all of that, I think that…
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7 Tips To Be An A Player

I think that in our lives there are many opportunities to get ahead, and many ways to fall behind.  Becoming a top performer, or an A player in the work environment and at home are rewarding, fun, and will make a lot of things go easier for you.  It’s almost like you will get the…
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The Fatal Mistake Many People Make

I’ve had plenty of time watching new people in jobs over time, and it’s always interesting to see how they approach their jobs.  Many times, though, I see people who have huge goals, and they would like to achieve those goals yesterday.  The problem is that they fail to plan for exactly how much hard…
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7 Easy Steps to Sink Your Job

As a manager, leader, and company owner, it is always interesting to me to see people’s behaviors.  You’d think that if they’re being paid well for a position, that they’d be on their best behavior, especially in front of the boss.  Surprisingly, that isn’t always the case. Easy Steps to Sink Your Job Bring your…
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5 Tips to Stay Sharp in Your Career

Progressing in one’s career is a pretty common goal.  But a lot of times, we get lazy where we are.  Think about it- when was the last time you updated your linked in profile or your resume.  I did update my linked in profile recently, but unfortunately, well, my resume is sadly out of date.…
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Important or Urgent?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ In life, and in work there are always too many things that need to be done.  It can be difficult to figure out whether an issue is important or urgent.  Trying to figure out the difference can be hard, especially when work is coming at you at a hundred miles an…
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Boss Labels Employee “Under-Achiever” For This… | LinkedIn

I spoke to a manager recently who was very upset. Why? She went to an employee with a new task and the employee commented aloud, “Good. I’ve been looking for something to do. My work’s been light lately.” The manager was infuriated by this statement. She couldn’t believe this was the first she was hearing…
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Career Tip: Keep Your Manager Plugged In

  I’m pretty sure that this will come as a shock to most people, but managers- they are people too.  This means that they can’t read your mind.  They also are unlikely to be unable to guess what you’ve done lately, unless the effects are evident.  It may also be that they have a different…
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