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How Hating Doing Dishes Changed My Outlook on Business

~by Natalia Levey~   Is there one household chore you absolutely hate doing? Laundry? Never found this one hard. As a kid growing up in Russia, we had no washing machine or dryer; all the laundry was done by hand in the bathtub. Needless to say, we were a lot more careful about getting our…
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Jordana Jaffee

Interview with a Facebook Group Strategist

~Interview with Jordana Jaffee by Natalia Levey~   Q. Jordana, you have an interesting story about your business journey and you are so loved by the online community you have created. What personal and professional qualities do you attribute that to? I attribute to a bunch of things but in terms of qualities I’d probably…
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3 Tips to Stay Focused When You’re Starting Out in Business

~by Natalia Levey~ How to stay focused? It’s a problem for many small business owners, especially when first starting out. One day this summer, I was walking my dog on Block Island when I stepped on a tiny apple. I immediately jumped off, looked at it and found myself apologizing. At that moment I noticed…
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Why I Watch a TED Talk Every Day

~by Natalia Levey~   I have taken a trip to Bali and learned how to build houses from bamboo; I swam along in the icy waters of Norway and created a business marketing strategy that would allow me to become the leader in my industry. Who ever thought about how beautiful a song of lifetime inmates could…
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How Do You Connect With Your Audience?

~by Susan McGuire~ Do you remember how businesses used to operate before the Internet? It’s hard to look back, isn’t it? But the world has changed quite a bit. It has never been easier to get your message out there to the whole world, and connect with your audience. Many businesses today are moving towards…
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