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Facing Job Loss

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Most people will face job loss at some point in their careers. It used to be that those people were tarnished with the brush, and people wondered if they sucked, what they did wrong, etc. Now it’s really no longer the case, as lay-offs, restructuring, and re-organization in an organization has…
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7 Job Fair Tips For College Students

It’s that time of year again when career fairs are about to start going full force.  It is always an interesting exercise in people watching, to say the least.  Since I’m looking for several interns this year, I thought I’d share seven job fair tips for College Students.  This isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list, but…
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What are the best ways to build a business profile for your resume?

What are the Best Ways to Build a Business Profile for Your Resume?

Did you know that hiring managers spend an average of six seconds to make the initial “fit” or “no fit” hiring decision when looking at resumes? With this kind of competition, you need to ensure you pass the screening process and get into the interview room, right? Try building a killer business profile for your…
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