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"Entrepreneur Interview - Judy Micale" Judy Micale

Entrepreneur Interview – Judy Micale

Judy Micale has become known as a coach who has a great “attitude about gratitude!” She conducts trainings around the nation. Judy has written and published her first book, “31 Daily Inspirations for Caregivers: One Day, One Breath, One Step at a Time”, which is on Amazon.

"My Bittersweet Journey as an Environmental Conservationist" Flowers

My Bittersweet Journey as an Environmental Conservationist

I applied to university for economics and later changed to environmental resource conservation. Today I am proud I chose my life, my interest, my passion, and my destiny.

"Are You a Believer?" Woman on the Beach

Are You a Believer?

Do you believe in what you’re doing? Do you believe in your career? In your business?

"How Female Entrepreneurs are Different" Dragonfly

How Female Entrepreneurs are Different

People who get out there and make their own business from scratch are called entrepreneurs, and they can be male or female. However, male and female entrepreneurs do things very differently when it comes time to run a business.

"Featured Expert: Farha Syed" Paint Samples on Green Background

Featured Expert: Farha Syed

Farha Syed is a certified residential interior designer. She is passionate about her work and believes in giving her clients a memorable experience in working with her. With each new project, she strives to give her best work by transforming her clients homes and lives.

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6 Elements for Achieving Your Wildest Dreams

Life is a precious thing and it shouldn’t be wasted by living a normal routine, same thing every day. Life must be cherished by doing different activities that add to your life – with great achievements.

Are You Doing What Your Business Really Wants?

~by Ling Wong~ When was the last time you ask your business – “hey what do you want?” Have you ever checked in with it to see if you are taking actions that are in alignment with its vision? When you feel stuck or uninspired, when you are spinning your wheel or feel like you…
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Step Back, Let Go, and Say Yes to Yourself

~by Maria Marc~ Time and again we are living scripts written by other people and we forget to listen to our inner voice. This makes us insecure, unhappy and in many occasions overweight. Thousands of women are suffering from lack of empowerment, yet only some of them dare to choose a new path towards a…
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