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Confident Employees

How to Help Your New Employees Feel Confident Working for Your Business

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking, even for an experienced professional. Going into a new office environment with unfamiliar coworkers and trying to learn the ropes is very intimidating.

Are the Voices in Your Head Treating You Badly?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   “You’ll never make any money”, “You’re fat”, “And Dumb” are just a few of the things that the voices in my head have said to me at various points. I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you get the idea.  Why is it that we allow the voices in…
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What You Focus Your Energy On, Grows

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . One of the more interesting things I’ve noticed in life and in business is that what you focus your time and energy on is what grows.   I’ve heard many times that you get what you measure, and that is truly the case. If you measure the things you have,…
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Increase Your Business Success With the Power of Positive Thinking

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ It’s no secret that with entrepreneurship brings huge amounts of stress, but learning to maintain a positive business outlook can be a learned skill. It will help to stay upbeat, productive, and help keep order and balance in life. Here are the best ways to maintain, and even increase, a positive attitude to…
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