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"How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts" Light Bulb on Chalkboard Thought Bubble Graphic

How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts

Like many others, I had to learn how to gain control of my thoughts. Giving up sarcasm was huge. I had to come up with a new approach to humor. How could I be funny without being negative?

"How to Shut Down Your Negative Thoughts" Upset Woman Using Laptop with Doodle Background Graphic

How to Shut Down Your Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are just non-productive. They carry emotional upset and waste precious time. Nothing beneficial comes from thinking negatively; it accomplishes nothing and negative thinking is destructive to our life, especially when we base our actions on those thoughts our mind creates.

"How to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" Businesswoman Sitting Outdoors Graphic

How to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Change your thoughts, change your life. I heard this from Louise Hay in 2010 and decided to turn it into a Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life challenge.

"Fearless Words of Wisdom on How to Suck it Up" Ladybugs on Leaves Graphic

Fearless Words of Wisdom on How to Suck it Up

You may be drained mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, or financially; or it could be all of the above. I’d like to offer some fearless words of wisdom for individuals who feel the light at the end of tunnel will never brighten.

"How to Stay Motivated Throughout a Long, Cold Winter" Snowy Forest

How to Stay Motivated Throughout a Long, Cold Winter

Winter takes a toll on everyone’s mood and motivation, which can be especially difficult while running a business. You’d be surprised to discover that winter can be one of the most productive times of the year if you know where and how to focus your energy.

"Entrepreneur Interview - Debbie Jacobs" Debbie Jacobs

Entrepreneur Interview – Debbie Jacobs

Debbie Jacobs is a positivity mindset Transformational Life Coach whose emphasis is on success and happiness. She’s been a certified workshop leader, and is currently pursuing certification from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. She also developed the “My Inner Voice” app for her training program.

Increase Your Business Success With the Power of Positive Thinking

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ It’s no secret that with entrepreneurship brings huge amounts of stress, but learning to maintain a positive business outlook can be a learned skill. It will help to stay upbeat, productive, and help keep order and balance in life. Here are the best ways to maintain, and even increase, a positive attitude to…
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