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Mandy Miller

Speaking to Your Audience Using the Kolbe Index

The Kolbe Index is an assessment that measures an individual’s problem solving/decision making instincts. According to Kolbe Wisdom, there are 4 types of decision makers in the world.

How to Gain Control of Your Thoughts

~by Debbie Jacobs~   Like many others, I had to learn how to gain control of my thoughts. Giving up sarcasm was huge. I had to come up with a new approach to humor. How could I be funny without being negative? I practiced saying things from a positive perspective, and if a negative comment…
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Negotiation, the Art of Getting More of What You Want

by Maria Marc Negotiation — Did you know that women negotiate less than men? 57 percent of men negotiate their initial employment offer, while only 7 percent of women attempt to do the same, says Linda Babcock from Carnegie Mellon University. Do you, like most women, avoid negotiation because it is adversarial? Maybe you see…
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management skills

How to Get the Management Skills You Need to Rise in Your Industry

~by Hannah Whittenly~ . As a new entrepreneur or business owner, you are probably well aware of any flaws that you may have and might even lack the complete confidence that you need. Such feelings are completely normal for those first stepping foot in the business world. However, you can overcome that by compensating with…
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Give Yourself

To be an effective leader, you must have people’s trust.  In order to gain that trust, you quite simply are going to have to give yourself to them.  Being a leader is about confidence that people have in you.  They have to trust that your decisions are going to be in their interest.  After all,…
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