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How Leaders Prioritize With a Purpose

I like to think of myself as a productive person. I have a list of tasks and prioritize to get those tasks accomplished. However, I have suffered failures by not defining my productivity for a specific purpose.

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All of Your Time Should Have a Purpose

One of the habits of very successful people is that they use their time wisely and productively. What this means for each person will be a bit different, but generally it means – all of your time should have a purpose. Become a Time-Master.

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How Can I Find a Lawyer for My Business?

While you may not always think about having a lawyer, it is important to have someone to watch your back legally. When searching for a business lawyer, here are a few things you should do.

What’s Your Reason?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ It has been my experience that for most people who start a business, they do it for a reason. There is some driving force for them which nudges them to step out and start a business, and go through all of the work that it entails. For me, I am a…
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New Year, New Vision!

~by Maria Marc~   Vision is what you will become. So what do you see? At the dawn of a new year, most of us feel energized to steam ahead into a better year. But do you know where you are headed? Having vision helps you stay on track regardless of crises and challenges that…
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Step Back, Let Go, and Say Yes to Yourself

~by Maria Marc~ Time and again we are living scripts written by other people and we forget to listen to our inner voice. This makes us insecure, unhappy and in many occasions overweight. Thousands of women are suffering from lack of empowerment, yet only some of them dare to choose a new path towards a…
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