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How Can Millennials Prepare for a Professional Career?

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . If you’re young and working towards a professional career, you are probably tired of hearing all the negative stereotypes about your generation. You’re at least as ambitious and resourceful as those from generation X or baby boomers. You also grew up with the most advanced technology in history, which is certainly…
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stand out at work

How to Increase Your Visibility and Stand Out at Work

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . The best way to advance in your career is to be seen and recognized by those who make the decisions on promoting or teaching new skills. Therefore, you will want to take steps that will help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of your bosses and others…
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Energy of Business: 5 Ways to Beat Your Competition

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . Entrepreneurship is really one of the most difficult career choices a person can make. According to Forbes and Bloomberg, nearly 80 percent of new companies fail. While the failure rate is indeed high, the possibility for reaching success and obtaining your dreams still exists. However, you need to be smart about…
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reliable wage

Reliable Wage: How Do Businesses Ensure This?

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . For the working person, getting ahead financially and in a career means finding a job that offers a reliable wage. Fortunately, jobs that offer a steady income and good benefits come in all sectors of the work world, from blue collar work to white collar professions. Businesses can ensure workers that…
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