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The World is Your Oyster. Seize the Opportunities.

All too often I see people slowly dip their toes into social media groups. Then they lurk quietly on the sidelines, and rarely, if ever, post anything. Then they wonder why no-one ever notices that they exist. If you recognize yourself in this description, we need to change that.

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4 Ways to Listen to Your Customer

When learning the lessons of becoming an entrepreneur, one of the most important is how to listen to your customers’ wants and needs. Listening to your customers can transform your business, but how do you get started with what can be such a difficult lesson to learn?

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How Beauty Bloggers Are Building Their Own Empires Online

It seems the combination of education and entertainment in today’s content happened so fast, audiences are having trouble catching up. This is especially true with topics like beauty and fashion, which most people would agree, are already cyclical and continuously refreshed with new material. This makes beauty blogging perfectly suited to online business.

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10 Tips for Getting More Clients

I think that just about every business needs more clients. I know mine does, and I’m sure that yours does too if you’re a business owner.

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Your Online Presence Can Sink You

Nowadays, if you own a business, chances are it is on the Internet somewhere. People are mentioning it and sharing it on Facebook, or making comments about it on Yelp, or Google, or some other location online. Your online presence is crucial.

Entrepreneur Interview – Krisha Young

Krisha Young detests diets. An unapologetic food nerd, she turned her own life around by putting food before pharma, and going with her gut. Literally. Krisha created ‘The Method’ to reclaim, re-frame and tame the power of the plate. Her world is an insta-smug free zone. No kale was harmed in the writing of this…
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The Value of Value-Added Images to Your Blog Posts

The Value of Value-Added Images to Your Blog Posts

It’s no secret that images matter in blog posts, but the right images matter even more. How much, exactly? How does a 94% bump in views sound? How about a 95% jump in conversions? Using images can be crucial in catching your reader’s attention or adding visual pop to your content, but not just any image…
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The List of 100 Social Media Post Ideas

The List of 100 Social Media Post Ideas

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . My business coaching and social media clients frequently tell me that they draw a blank when trying to come up with ideas for what to post on social media. Thus, I decided to come up with a list of 100 ideas for posts that you can use for your social…
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Is your Facebook Group Dead?

Do you hear crickets in your Facebook group? Is your Facebook group dead on arrival? So, how does a savvy business owner improve Facebook engagement in their Facebook group? I started the Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook- A Facebook Group  in 2015, and it has been a great journey, growing that group to over 60,000…
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It’s True, Facebook Likes Don’t Matter. But Here’s What Does.

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . So many entrepreneurs are focused on numbers and results in their businesses. That’s a good thing. But there may be a point where we are measuring numbers and focusing on numbers which don’t actually lead to an increase in sales or visibility for our business.   What I’m talking about…
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