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3 Tips for Marketing to Your Target Audience

Marketing can be easy if you know your target audience. The more time you spend getting to know your audience, the easier it is to put it all together within your marketing campaigns. If the message doesn’t connect with your audience, it won’t get the desired results.

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Worst Naming Practices: What to Avoid When Naming your Business

Just as a solid name can help the success of your brand, a poor name can damage a brand. There are many different ways that a poor name can prevent business growth in your start-up.

How to Make Your Business More Appealing to Customers

~by Kara Masterson~ . Whether you’re operating a store or an office where you will service clients, there are a number of ways to attract customers. You can start by making sure you’re reaching out to the right target audience. Then you can generate some interest through advertising or by having a local television station…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Kristie Kennedy

Kristie Kennedy is a women’s empowerment speaker, entrepreneurial leadership coach and highly accomplished author. She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset, momentum, motivation and potential maximization. Kristie has a passion for helping leaders who have reached a plateau, with the ability to turn their “Cannots” into “Cans”, and their dreams into plans.…
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Social Media Marketing and Why You Should Use It

~by Robbyn Hodgs~ Social Media Marketing (SMM) is, by definition, a means of marketing yourself or your brand by using the various social media platforms available. If accurate marketing strategies are utilized, your brand or product could be reached by thousands, if not millions, of people. Learning where to market, how to market, and to…
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