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Businessman Talking on a Smartphone Outside

Texting, Email, and Oral Communication — When to Use Them in the Workplace

In today’s ever-changing business world, person-to-person (and multi-person) communication has changed greatly due to technology, especially in the last 10 years. With the advent of telecommuting and handheld smart devices, texting quickly became the most popular form of communication in both personal and professional settings. Even so, it is advisable to have a communications policy regarding what types of communication are most appropriate for specific situations at work.

Thank You Note

5 Tips to Pay it Forward in the Workplace

Some of my favorite things in life are random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  In this post, I’ll talk about ways to pay it forward in the workplace.


Negotiate Everything

Nearly everything in life is negotiable to some extent or another. This has been a realization that has been particularly slow to come to me, because I was raised to do what I was told to do without asking questions, and certainly without ever negotiating over the details. On the contrary, you should negotiate Everything.

"Leading Employees Through Interpersonal Conflict" Teamwork High Five Graphic

Leading Employees Through Interpersonal Conflict

Not everyone gets along all the time. Managing conflict can be a point of particular difficulty in the workplace. Managers need to be savvy and adjust the leadership style they employ, as well as carefully investigate the source of a conflict in order to diffuse issues.

Levity in the Workplace: Relief or Source of Stress?

by Susan McGuire Is Levity in the workplace a source of relief or a source of stress? The answer depends on the intent and appropriateness of the humor being displayed. Work can be terribly stressful. With the long hours, constant demands, task juggling, endless meetings, ever-decreasing raises, difficult co-workers, unfulfilling or unappreciated work, physical strains,…
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