By this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a cruise ship with my older Girl Scout Troop, and my oldest daughter in particular.   I enjoy spending time with my co-leaders, and my daughter in particular.  I think that travelling with kids is important, because it teaches them about a world beyond their own four walls.  My own kids are travel veterans, but so many girls in their troops have never ventured very far from home, so this is a great first step in the direction of stepping out and exploring the world.  It should also be pretty relaxing.  Win-win.

Taking time out to veg out is so important.  It’s an important part of staying sane and healthy.  It ranks right up there with eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.  Hey- I got two of those, right?  It gives me something to aspire to, and goals are a great thing.

What are your keys to staying sane and healthy?