The 5 Team Members That Leaders Are Forgetting About

Team Working

For a company to be successful, there needs to be teamwork. In addition, there needs to be diversity among team members. Everyone needs to be able to work together, but each person also needs to be able to bring different ideas to the table. For many companies, these are some crucial members of a team that often get overlooked but who are essential.

Remote Employees

If you have anyone working remotely, you might forget about him or her outside of emails and teleconferences. However, remote employees should be considered important on the basis of how flexible and reliable they often are. Be sure to give your remote employees recognition on a regular basis.

The Silent Workhorse

There are some people whose presence is so subtle, you might barely hear a peep from them. It’s not that they’re timid or afraid of making waves; it’s just that they are focused on their work first and foremost. When these workers find themselves in a jam, they wriggle their way out of it so effectively, you might’ve never realized there was even a problem. This person is invaluable, but he or she still needs your recognition to avoid burnout.

Deskless Employees

Just because someone isn’t sitting behind a desk around the clock doesn’t mean he or she should be forgotten about. Deskless employees, such as custodians and electricians, are often the lifeblood of a company. Companies need to rally behind their deskless employees who are disconnected and most in need of being engaged and communicated with. Communication with your deskless employees can help them to feel like their work is truly being appreciated. Companies need to rally behind their deskless employees and show them that they care.

Independent Contractors

How can somebody work for you and not work for you at the same time? By being an independent contractor. You shouldn’t see them as being an anonymous face that provides your company with a temporary service. Their talents are often layered, and without them, your company might not be able to run as smoothly. Therefore, independent contractors deserve just as much recognition as your rank and file employees.

Supporting Players

Somebody doesn’t have to provide you with work directly for him or her to be beneficial to your workplace. Supporting players can be family members of employees or vendors who supply you with goods. You can be a more appreciative business owner by giving recognition to these supporting players. After all, a house can’t be expected to stand up unless it’s built on a strong foundation.

When a company works, it’s because everyone feels valued and shares value. These five types of unsung heroes might not be the most visible, but they are among the most valuable. By bringing them into your recognized team, you can make everything operate much more smoothly.

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