The best way to enjoy your life on your own terms is to grow a vast and diverse portfolio of passive investments that make you money round the clock. This will give you the freedom to spend your time how you please, where you please, doing what you please. But in order to achieve this you have to put in the work. IT requires dedication, innovation, hard work, and a spirit of entrepreneurship to grow streams of passive income. Here are three of the best passive income investments that any entrepreneur can make to increase their passive income.

Build a website

The first great passive investment that entrepreneurs can make is building a website. If you have computer and web design skills, then building a website is a smart way to create a passive investment. Building an online store, blog site, or other website and selling it or selling the ad space on it can give you a massive return on your investment. Websites tend to be most effective when they are attached somehow to a business model, so make sure you are thinking like an entrepreneur, not just a computer engineer and web designer.

Real Estate

Another brilliant passive investment for entrepreneurs to make is investing in real estate. Real estate is not entirely passive, but it is one of the most reliable and effective investments you can make for long-term and short-term wealth. In order to make real estate truly passive you are going to need a property manager. Management companies can help with 24-hour property maintenance. This means you will never have to deal with an emergency call at midnight again, you can give that responsibility to your property managers. If you own several properties, management can really cut down on your time across properties.

Index Funds

The final best passive investment for entrepreneurs to make is investing in index funds. While it may not be sexy, nor is it the fastest route to wealth, it is the only truly passive investment that will effectively and consistently build you wealth over time if you are willing to wait. Index funds that track the overall stock market are a smart long-term investment, as the overall stock market tends to continue to grow.

Making passive income is the goal for anyone who dreams of retiring early and living a work optional lifestyle. But earning a passive income stream can be a challenge. Start with these three best passive investments to grow your wealth the right way.

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