Fintech is a combination word for financial technologies. Fintech companies replace or strengthen traditional financial methods. This helps to better automate and use financial services. Fintech can use software, processes, or business models to help better manage finances or operations. Fintech software is used on computers and is increasingly being used in smartphones. Some challenges fintech companies can face are competition with established players, regulations, and security problems.

Competing With Established Players

Fintech can be either a threat or a partner to established financial institutions. The way that businesses and individuals do finances show a need for innovative solutions. Fintech provides this solution to accessing finances. Fintech routinely partners with one another to help deliver solutions to customers. This shows the need for further collaborations with established banks. Customer loyalty has been built within banks as well as established networks. Fintech elevates the processes of banks and allows further service to a loyal customer base. .


Fintech isn’t constrained the same way as other established financial institutions such as banks. The way regulation and industry are developing can mean that fintech can be subject to some of these regulations. Many banks are moving towards working with fintech, if not working with them already. This is a benefit to them because of the tech-savvy nature of fintech as well as their customer connections and meeting their demands. Some fintech companies are moving toward bank charters which can help them have a broader network and work across many states without worrying about different regulations. Data science can help financial companies deal with regulatory compliance.

Security Problems

With so much being moved to digital, a major challenge is security. Cybercrime is one of the biggest problems that fintech need to make sure they are protected against. Fintech companies are a common target for hackers. Reliance on digital money means that fintech have valuable data to protect. Data leaks are important to protect against, so fintech companies need to ensure that they do all they can to protect against these cyber-attacks.

Since the internet has expanded, fintech has also been a broader influence in personal and business finance. This has made money more accessible through things such as depositing a check via smartphone or managing investments without requiring assistance from a person. This is both helpful but comes with its own challenges. Fintech companies face challenges of competing with established players, regulations, and security problems.

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