The End Is In Sight

When I got home today, there was an envelope waiting for me.  Inside that envelope was a wonderful sight to behold- my graduation announcements.  Behold- the end is in sight!  I am so excited.  After nearly two years of blood, sweat, and tears- literally- the end has come.  It took a tremendous amount of work, effort, and dedication on my part, but also on the part of my support system.  My husband has supported me in my dream by heading the household nearly single-handedly while I’ve studied countless hours.  I’ve also been supported by my children, my father, my colleagues, manager, and friends.  All of them put up with the spectacular stress, and have humored my ill-humor.  I am grateful to each and every person in my life who has helped me reach this milestone- my MBA from Duke.

Graduation Announcement

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  1. Claire Boland | | Reply

    Congratulations Haley!!! Way to go!

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