The Girl Scouts Reinvents Itself For A New Generation – Forbes

The Girl Scouts Reinvents Itself For A New Generation – Forbes


The Girl Scouts Reinvents Itself For A New Generation – Forbes.

As a Girl Scout Leader, this isn’t anything new.  What I wonder is why the Girl Scouts doesn’t advertise itself as the premier leadership program for girls?  It can provide a fantastic business and leadership education through the Cookie program, and through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.  Frankly, we need, as an organization, to show our value to parents, so that they can understand, that this is so much more than just sitting around, making friends, and doing random crafts.

What do you think?


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  1. Anne S says:

    I totally agree, Haley! I just an email to a friend making those exact points.

  2. Nicole says:

    Interesting. I think the flexibility may draw in more adults (heck, I just found out *I* could volunteer) but I think it may dilute the group cohesiveness of the girls with a “come to stuff you like” format. Part of what I like about Cub Scouts is that I sometimes get to introduce boys to something they wouldn’t normally do, which would fall to the wayside in this style of program.

    The other thing that popped at me was the Troop leader section. “You can now have 3”. In Cub’s we’re required to have at least 2 and we can share the workload as we see fit. Talking with other scout parents, the Leader requirements for GS seem more rigid than BSA (i.e. you have to take a subject specific course in addition to basic leader course to lead a badge in GS, but in BSA you submit your qualifications, take basic leader courses and you’re all set). I think relaxing these additional requirements on the leaders and minimizing the non-value added training time will help recruit more leaders.

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