The New Role of Video in Modern Business

Business Video Conference Meeting

In today’s digital world, technology is growing at a rapid rate. Those of us in the film industry love to see the progress of technology and celebrate its use throughout a broad range of industries. And we’re beginning to see essential applications of film and video in the business world that are making a difference.

Video technology, in particular, is becoming more popular as businesses find ways to leverage it. Here’s a look at how companies across a range of industries are using video technology to grow their business.

Work From Home Setups

Any business that allows their workers to do their job remotely can benefit from video calls. For instance, if an accountant is working from home, they can check in daily with a video conference to update the team on what they’re working on. Employing a remote workforce cuts down on office costs considerably.

Healthcare Providers

The medical industry is rapidly switching to video conferences. These kinds of conferences make communications between medical professionals, whether they work in the same building or not, as easy as logging on to the administrative system. Patients are benefitting from this technology, too. They have the option of making a video call with their doctor — this growing trend of video conferencing between a patient and a doctor is called telemedicine.  

Marketing Firms

Marketers are known for their ability to adapt to changing conditions. Smart marketers leverage video technology for engagement and sales. However, video conferencing is also something that agencies are implementing. It allows them to share ideas and execute campaigns seamlessly. A whiteboard looks just as clear on video as it does in person, thanks to advancements in cameras and video streaming.

Recovery Groups

If someone is recovering from an addiction, then having support from a group and a therapist can be a tremendous help. The support allows them to have the motivation to keep going. And with video conferencing through a virtual rehab center, getting in touch with support groups and getting fast outpatient support is easier than ever. The instant chat feature lets people connect with others from the comfort of their own homes.

Distributed Software Teams

This digital age has given rise to the new crop of super startups. These companies don’t waste money on expensive gear, salaries, or offices. They have distributed team members throughout the globe that work together through virtual offices. When a project needs to get done, the project manager assigns duties and checks up with the team over video. This kind of telecommunication lets everyone be more productive without sacrificing communication.

Final Thoughts

The advancements made in these industries speed up communication, cut costs, and boost profits. Business operations and people’s daily lives are being positively affected thanks to technological changes in film and video.

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