The Problem With Setting High Expectations

The Problem With Setting High Expectations

I think I’ve created a monster in my house.  See, this year, my younger daughter sold 3041 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  This is the largest number of boxes she’s ever sold, but it isn’t an entirely isolated incident.  She sold 2299 boxes last year, and over 1600 the year before.  So, a LOT of cookies.  She has very high expectations for what she’ll sell each year.  The problem with setting high expectations, is that she continues to expect to reach such high goals, year after year.  Now why is this a problem?  Well, it means that we end up standing out in front of stores with her more, and more each year.  Do you know how much time it takes to reach those goals?

The problem with setting high expectations goes even further, though.  Agent Weaselburger expects to continually perform at a very high level.  In her mind, she will be a 4th degree black belt before she  graduates from high school. Straight A’s are expected.  She is very driven.  High performance, and goals are breeding more high performance for this very driven kid.  This means more work for her parents.

So, maybe you should set lower goals for your children.  Don’t create the kinds of problems I have.  Make your life easier.  Unless, of course, you LIKE a challenge.

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