The Secret Morning Routine Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

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Everywhere we look, there are entrepreneurs who’ve made their millions (and billions), which definitely makes them more than highly successful. Naturally, a lot of people would like a taste of that success, which is why there are so many tips and advice that let you get a glimpse into the world of super-rich people, and hopefully help you join them someday. Now, doing certain things in the morning or before bed doesn’t mean you’ll automatically become rich yourself one day, but it’ll surely help you feel great about yourself, especially since most of their habits are very useful for one’s productivity. 

The most important tip is to start your day right, because having a morning routine will surely help you be more energetic and hardworking for the rest of the day. So, here are some secret and not-so-secret morning habits of highly successful entrepreneurs:

The Secret Morning Routine Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs 1

1. They wake up early

Sure, if you work, you’re probably destined to wake up early anyway, but successful people wake up at 6 AM and even before. They use the extra hours to meditate, workout, or plan their day. Waking up early won’t guarantee you success in life, but it’ll help you be more productive and use your day much more wisely. So next time you feel like sleeping in, try to wake up as you’ll feel well-rested anyway, especially if you’ve got a decent amount of sleep the night before. 

2. They work out

Morning exercise is known to be beneficial, but did you know that the majority of rich people almost never skip their morning workout? The reason for that is simple: exercising in the morning will help you wake up and be more energized. Many successful entrepreneurs value their workout regimes. Bill Gates likes to start his day with cardio, while Oprah prefers to walk her dogs. 

The Secret Morning Routine Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs 2

3. They have a cup of coffee or some other healthy drink

Not many people can imagine their day without getting at least one cup of coffee, preferably in the morning. Elon Musk likes to have a coffee while reading and answering his emails, while Sara Blakely, the founder of Spandex, prefers to have a healthy smoothie consisting of fruits, nuts, cinnamon, kale, and spinach. Having a coffee or smoothie will help you wake up and spend some time with yourself while enjoying your favorite morning drink.

The Secret Morning Routine Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs 3

4. They don’t neglect their emails

When you’re successful and have multiple businesses depending on you, you can’t just neglect your emails by marking them as spam. That’s why successful entrepreneurs prefer to respond to their emails as soon as they wake up, or while having their morning coffee. Now, that doesn’t mean you should let your annoying boss harass you from the moment you wake up, but answering your emails in a timely manner will definitely help you fare better with your employers, and if you’re an entrepreneur yourself then you probably know by now how important it is to reply to the most critical emails without delay. 

5. They take care of their appearance

Being invested in your looks isn’t always a sign of vanity. On the contrary, pretty much all the jobs require you to look presentable and well put together. Highly successful people aren’t different in that regard. For example, self-made billionaire Anastasia Soare, the founder of makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, never leaves her house without doing her eyebrows. Similarly, just because you feel too busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time and effort to take care of your appearance before going to work. There are a lot of affordable skincare and makeup tools and accessories that will help you look better, so feel free to check the online beauty supply store and find something that suits your needs. Taking care of your appearance will also boost your self-confidence and possibly improve your work performance and productivity. 

6. They are careful with their schedule

Most of us don’t carefully plan our daily schedules, since we’re often dealing with the same obligations and tasks throughout the week. Still, it’s important to plan your day to a degree, as then you’ll be able to determine which tasks take most of your time and resources. Time management is crucial when you’re a high-flying entrepreneur, but even us common folks can benefit from planning our days the night before. That way it’s possible to squeeze in additional tasks and leisure activities, such as visiting a friend or making a dentist appointment. 

7. They set up their priorities

When you’re constantly busy and your work revolves around risk, it’s important to set up your priorities from the moment you wake up. These priorities can be just for the upcoming day, or for a week, the choice is yours. Granted, successful entrepreneurs have a personal assistant (or two) who help them deal with more mundane tasks, which makes things much easier. Still, setting your priorities and goals can help you start your day on a more positive note. So, next time you sit down to have a morning coffee, try writing down things you plan to accomplish that day. Chances are, you’ll feel more motivated and energized, which is the ultimate goal, of course. 

8. They reflect and contemplate

Early morning can have its own unique benefits; since morning is often the quietest time of the day, it means that it can be used for reflection and contemplation. Whether you prefer to meditate or just calmly sit and collect your thoughts in peace, make sure to use your mornings wisely. Instead of giving yourself an extra hour of sleep and then running around in a panic, next time try to wake up earlier and enjoy the silence, while getting ready for the busy day ahead. 


Just because you’re not a highly successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adopt their morning habits. Since they’re so affluent and influential, they apparently know something we don’t, so feel free to experiment with your personal daily routine and see if these tips work for you. After all, you always have the option to go back to your old routine, but adopting some of these people’s habits could have a really positive effect on your life. Feel free to give them a chance. 


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