It is truly amazing what things I hear myself saying some days.  I’m not sure if it is weird, amazing, or frightening, really.  Let’s talk about some of the things that I’ve heard myself say this week.

  1. “Daughter, you will Not slide down the banister and land face first by the cat.”  (She was sliding down on her stomach, not sitting, like a normal person might down the banister. That would have been too easy.)
  2. “Son, you should not pee on your brother’s bed”.  Why me?
  3. “Do not Lick Your Brother’s Butt”

It is never-ending.  At least, I mostly don’t have to say these things to my employees.  My chaos is mostly reserved for the children and animals.  I swear there should be an award for this.  The weirdest things come out of my mouth some days.

What are your favorite doozies?