things I am grateful forI have been given many gifts in this life, and I am truly grateful for them.  I thought I’d start a post on 5  things I am grateful for, as a reminder to myself that I have so many things in my life that go incredibly well, even when some things are not going so nicely.  This weekend I will bury both parents’ remains, so it is a tough, and sobering time in my life as well.

5 Things I am Grateful For

  • I am grateful for healthy children.  It wasn’t a given that they would all be healthy, especially since my oldest was born 3 months prematurely.  She overcome many obstacles, but today, she’s a thriving, healthy teen who regularly drives me up a wall, and then turns around and knocks my socks off with her awesomeness.
  • I am grateful for an especially wonderful spouse who supports me in my insanity, even when he is certain that I an “nucking futs”.  Maybe even more than that. That has included four really tough pregnancies, including 6 months of bed rest with the second pregnancy, my getting an MBA, and now, starting a business.  He has been my rock.
  • I am grateful for my sense of humor.  I need it when Thing 3 decides to dip his brownies in ketchup, when Thing 2 goes swinging from the chandelier, or any of the other daily events in my life.
  • I am grateful for having a roof over my head- a beautiful roof,and food in my tummy.  I am also especially grateful for really good chocolate.  Escazu, Milka, and Godiva are my favorites.
  • I am grateful for opportunities, and the ability to take them.  I realize that not everyone in life gets the same opportunities, or has the means or ability to take them.  I am grateful that I’m able to do the things that I get the chance to do.

What about you?  What things are you grateful for in life?