Wedding Cake

I found myself baking a wedding cake for a friend this week.  Now, that isn’t my core competency, but I can fake my way through a simple cake.  I posted the picture on Facebook, and one of my friends commented, asking if there is anything I can’t do.  I had to laugh, because there are so many things I can’t do, and really don’t do well.  Cleaning my house is just one of those things.  But I also started thinking about things on a meta level, and there are so many things I’d love to be able to do, but really can’t.  What are your solutions for these problems?

Things I Can’t Do

  • I can’t make adults behave like kind, considerate adults.  Think of how many adults you know that don’t play well with others, or who don’t follow the rules.  I wish I could fix them.  Whether it’s people who drive like maniacs to simple stuff like jumping a line, I would happily make them follow the rules if I could.
  • World Peace. This is probably along the lines of the previous comment.  I think that so many of the world’s problems, including world peace would be solved if people learned to turn the other cheek, and behave in a responsible, mature manner.  Instead, they’ve been fighting for millenia, simply because they can.  It has brought them little but heartache and bitterness.
  • Cure Cancer, and other life limiting illnesses.  I’ve seen too many people die recently of nasty diseases like Parkinsons and Leukemia.  I would love a magic wand that I could wave to cure those illnesses.

What about you?  What things do you wish you could do – but can’t?