Boys on a TigerI’m convinced that life, health, and children, are one of the greatest equalizers on the face of this planet. I can’t count the number of very strange things I have found myself saying to my children.  There are quite simply so many things I never thought I would hear myself say.  I can be super professional at work, and life is great.  Then I come home, or turn around, and something odd is going on.  It really does bring me right back to earth every time.

List of Things I Never Thought I Would Hear Myself Say

  • You will not bite your brother’s butt.
  • You will not grab your brother by the nuts and twist.
  • You may not swing from the chandelier.
  • Do not show your brothers your knife collection.
  • Why are you hanging from the top of the door?
  • Why on earth did you think that jumping from the top bunk onto your sister would be a good idea?
  • Please do not put your brother in a choke hold.
  • No, you may NOT pinch a nerve to see what happens.

The list only goes on from there.  I find myself babbling something new and different almost every day.  What things do you find yourself stating, that you think should be perfectly obvious, but clearly isn’t, or you wouldn’t need to say it?