Tips and strategies to wake the leader inside of you

Tips and strategies to wake the leader inside of you

Time changes fast and with every passing second the dynamics of the corporate world too. Even though we’ve left those times of gender stereotypes behind us where a woman’s role was limited to home and not in the office or they weren’t confident or heard enough to lead.

Although it is true that gender stereotypes about female leadership are less common now with more and more women taking up executive positions in the corporate sector as well as in politics. But there are still a few hurdles they face every day in their workplace.

With all that being said, here are a few tips and strategies that can help every woman become a better leader and entrepreneur to excel at your workplace.

Find the right people and flourish

The energy and people you associate yourself with is a critical factor in a professional environment as it takes up a large portion of your life.

So it’s important to carefully choose the people you want to work with as they can either boost or hinder your growth.

Partner up with people who are willing to learn and want to make a difference, rather than those who are perfectionists or just looking to call you out for your flaws. Through your unwavering commitment and persistence, you’ll win your team’s trust and respect, and even if you fail, they won’t turn their backs on you.

Becoming a leader they can turn to for help or just to pour their heart out will strengthen the relationship with your employees. Everybody wants to be valued and appreciated and this begins with you.

Master Communication

Effective communication is a life skill that everyone must possess, especially a leader. It helps you to pick up what others are putting down and vice versa to steer clear from any misunderstandings.

Being a mother, daughter, granddaughter, wife, and friend helps us to understand the perspectives of a broad array of audiences coming from all generations. This will be really helpful, especially when it comes to advertising or promoting a service or a product. Your ability to communicate effectively will make it easier to entice clients and earn their trust to invest in your product or service.

Find a great mentor

Every influential leader would not be where they are now without the guidance of a mentor. A mentor can be both boss or colleague, friend or neighbour, or the person you accidentally ran into while you’re standing in line for your morning coffee or holding the elevator for your friend.Help and guidance come in many shapes and sizes. Ask them for their advice and they’ll describe the qualities of a good leader for you.

Build a team of mentors to help you on your way to the top.

A mentor can be your knight in shining armor through your career transition, your job search, your projects, your promotion, or your personal dilemmas and issues. Appreciate their time and advice and remember to repay the favor by helping them in any way possible.

Resilience and Perseverance

Detours and roadblocks are witnessed at every turn and steering through them is a must-have trait of any successful leader. Keep moving forward, adapting, and even delaying or cancelling projects despite expenses are a few of the tough choices a leader must be prepared to make when the time comes.

At every stage of a career, fostering these traits will help you develop the skills to recover quickly from any unsuccessful ventures and provide the fortitude needed to push forward when things get tough.


You can’t be a good leader without patience.  Whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong, there will be moments when a female leader will face more challenges than she ought to. Let’s say you’re the only woman holding a position of authority. At times you may be the only female at the decision-makers table.

Due to this, you may be you may have to face questions or carry out conversations that seem archaic and irrelevant to the task at hand.

It’s imperative for female leaders to recognize that their actions are helping to ease the path for women who will follow in their footsteps. Be patient and walk the terrain of being the only female at the table because by doing so, you’re changing it for the better for others to come.

Be supportive to other women

“Other female entrepreneurs are not your adversaries”. Achievement of one woman is the achievement of women everywhere it signifies that progress is being made toward equality in the industry.

For this reason, it’s to encourage and support more female entrepreneurs. You might never know of the relationship they’ll form. They may be a future business partner, your financial advisor, an investor, or even a vendor.

Be courageous and never shy away from taking risks

Standing out from the crowd requires boldness and showcasing your strength doesn’t always come easily. Asking for promotions, salary increments, and projects that lie beyond your comfort zones displays your willingness to get acknowledged as well as a deep interest in the firm’s objective and the ability to lead when required.

The concept of higher the risk greater the reward is a real concept in the corporate world. Women usually shy away from entrepreneurship because they are afraid of failing. Our world would be very different if successful female entrepreneurs such as Ruth Handler, Sarah Blakely (Spanx), Coco Chanel, Oprah Winfrey, had let setbacks and rejections drag them down.

Being afraid is natural but conquering it is the best feeling in the world.

Never Stop Learning

Learning is the lone task that one should ever cease to do.  Learning offers opportunities for improvement, entices fresh ideas and wide perspectives. Spend time with people who shine in something that you don’t. Hiring a financial advisor for your business or finding the right mentor are all bright ideas.

Learn from your past and take responsibility

If you’re progressing in your career, you will make mistakes and every great entrepreneur has made a fair number of them. The lessons you learn from your mistakes, help you to grow, overcome and endure.

Mistakes aren’t free, they come at a cost, whether it’s huge or small. We may, however, by taking responsibility can keep ourselves anchored and dedicated to development and growth. It’s okay for women to make mistakes in any sector, nevertheless, similar to the second advice, by admitting responsibility, women encourage themselves to be accountable.


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