Tips for Spending Less of Your Business’ Budget on Utilities


Changing how energy is used in your business can save money in the short and long term. Steps to make can include growing employee awareness, setting up virtual business practices, and switching to alternative energy sources such as solar and geothermal. Some of these steps are easy and cost very little to implement, whereas others may require some additional upfront costs. Here are some ways that your business can start saving on costly electric bills.

Go Virtual

With modern technologies, it is easier than ever for businesses to implement some kind of virtual design to save on power consumption. Factors like the amount of space needed to house employees in a central location and finding ways to reduce electricity usage can add up to savings for your company. Going along with this outsourcing your work to distance workers can greatly improve your overhead since you don’t need to pay for their workspace and equipment. Customer service-based companies are a good fit for this option, as well as web design and IT work. Keep in mind, this may not be as effective for companies that need more human-based interactions with customers.

Look at Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energies are becoming a bigger focus that many companies are turning to that can equate to big energy savings. These technologies can require a bigger upfront investment, which can be a drawback for some smaller businesses, but the savings can be substantial once they are installed and implemented. There are incentives from government agencies, including grants and tax rebates that can make them attractive options.

Solar panels are a common type of alternative energy and are useful in more southern locations. Another type is geothermal. Geothermal heat pumps use constant temperatures below the Earth’s surface, either for heating or cooling. They are region specific, so you will need to research whether this option is possible or not. Geothermal systems can decrease heating and air conditioning costs by 70%.

Employee Energy Awareness

Another option for saving on utilities for your business can be making employees aware of their energy consumption. This can be an easy step once everyone is committed to this practice. Using power strips can be effective to turn off multiple pieces of equipment when not in use. Shutting down computers overnight when not in use can lead to significant savings. Adjusting thermostats during peak hours when more employees will be there is a smart move. Heating and cooling can be a drain if there are minimal employees in the building.

With some fairly simple adjustments and changes in how your company uses energy, the savings can add up. Some of these steps can be put into practice right away whereas others may require some planning and implementation. In the end, changing your business’s energy consumption can lead to a more efficient and profitable outcome for your company.

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