Top 10 Decorations To Have At Your Boring Office Desk

Decorations at Office Desk

A dull office desk can instantly put you in a lazy and unmotivated mood. Thinking of ways to spruce up your personal space can do wonders in the long run, that’s why changing and adding a few items helps. 

#1: The Jar Of Gratefulness

Studies show that being grateful drastically changes the way a person thinks, feels, and acts. A grateful jar is the go-to version of a grateful journal. When you start filling in the container, think of as many things you feel thankful for and write them on small pieces of paper. You may use different colors for a more energetic vibe. You don’t have to fill up the container immediately, but you could write something down the moment you feel thankful for a person or a moment. On your bad days, get a random piece of paper from the jar and watch your mood transform.

#2: A “To-Do List” Pad

A to-do list pad is perfect for those who aren’t fond of using planners or those who tend to scribble down plans and obligations on any paper they see. This item is fuss-free and easy to use. For the first-timers here are a few tips on how you can effectively use your pad:

  • List down everything you need to accomplish in a day, from the most important (placed at the top) until the less critical tasks (at the bottom).
  • Encircle all unaccomplished tasks.
  • Again, prioritize the next day’s tasks together with yesterday’s unaccomplished tasks.
  • Weigh in which has to be the top priority for that day.
  • Repeat the process until you finish all the tasks you need to accomplish.

#3: Organized Charger Kit

A desk full of tangled wires clouds your mind and may sometimes put you in a bad mood, especially if you can’t untangle them. An organized charger kit has multiple ports in which you can insert each wire, as well as an individual hole, to place your gadget.

#4: A Customized, Self Portrait Bobblehead

A bobblehead is a fun and exciting item to add to your desk. Some collect baseball designs or a replica of their favorite personality, but the best would be to have a personalized bobblehead. Seeing yourself in a cartoon-like manner can instantly brighten up your day. You may also use a design that depicts your lifelong dream. For example, if you once dreamt of being a ballerina, have the mini-me doll wear a tutu and positioned in the form you want. This item gives you the motivation to do your best every day.

#5: Small, Potted Plant

Aside from bringing in the fresh air, these small greens help the eyes relax and eliminate fatigue. You can choose from a variety of indoor plants that are also easy to maintain. Place them anywhere on your table– alongside your calendar, telephone, or monitor. Here are low maintenance plants you can put on your desk:

PlantWhy It’s Great
Spider PlantYou can easily grow new plants by pinching off small sections and replanting them in another pot.
CactusMiniature and easy to place anywhere.Very low maintenance (no need for constant watering).
Gerbera DaisyYou have many colors to choose from, which means you can brighten up your desk.
Small Aloe PlantProduces a gel that can help in the treatment of burns, redness, or itching.
Pothos PlantEasy maintenance because the soil dries out when it needs watering.
Lemon BalmHas a citrus, lemon smell that can boost your mood in an instant. Does not easily die.
Bamboo PalmGrows fast.Believed to counter bad vibes and spirits.
Snake PlantRequires very little sunlight and water.

#6: A Vision/Letter Board

A vision/letter board can either be a small version of a chalkboard or a corkboard. The purpose of putting up a vision is to give you added motivation to finish your tasks and obligations. You may use colored chalk or pins, as well as sticky note pads for a colorful and fun vibe.

#7: Hourglass Set

An effective way to get things done is to do everything with a timer. Not only do you complete needed tasks, but you also learn to discipline yourself and not move on to other things you can do. Follow these tips for effective time management:

  • Set one hourglass at twenty minutes. Use this when you wish to start working on your tasks.
  • Set the other timer at five minutes. Use this for break times.

Many people swear by this technique when things need to get done within a specific time frame.

#8: File Holder

An office desk always has a pile of paperwork that needs fixing, and it isn’t enough to stack them in folders and envelopes and call it a day. Make things easier by using a file holder and arranging them into three groups:

  • Tasks to accomplish: these papers are the top priority, which needs action before completion. You can add colorful sticky notes for additional reminders.
  • Paperwork for filing: these are the documents that have receipts of different transactions or contracts. This group may also contain fulfilled tasks that you shouldn’t dispose of or throw away.
  • Papers for disposing of: a common practice for most office employees is to retain the file until it reaches two years. If you still have it after two years and see that you might not use it in the future, you can toss the file in the disposal container.

#9: A Desk Jug With Measurements

Keep yourself hydrated by placing a reusable jug on your desk that you won’t bring home. You can wash the bottle at the pantry and refill every day. Measurements on the bottle help you track how much you’ve drunk. You may also add decals of reminders such as “drink up!” or “stay hydrated!” In addition to this, you can use apps that remind you to drink water.

#10: Mini Fan

If you quickly feel hot, adding a desk fan is the perfect solution. You can buy battery operated items or the rechargeable ones. These products also come in a variety of colors you can choose for your preferred office desk color scheme.


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