Productivity Enhancement: Top 7 Things Which Will Inspire Every Remote Employee

Remote Employee

Working remotely is a dream that has come true for many people. Remote working helps employees and businesses alike to save money and time. You no longer have to commute, you can cook your meals at home, and you can organize your time however you want. Even those remote jobs that do not come with schedule flexibility offer a lot of other benefits. 

Working remotely is something many people would like to try and practice. But it comes with challenges, especially for people used to working in an office and having a 9-to-5 job. Most of them think about remote working as a pleasant and dreamy experience, and indeed it is. 

But productivity, motivation, and perseverance can drop from time to time, especially if you do not know how to handle the challenges of remote work. These are some of the key ingredients remote working should have. If you are not productive, you may end up doing overtime, which can seriously affect your well-being and lead to burnout. 

So, you need to look for ways to enhance your productivity while working from home. These are the top seven of the most inspiring things you can do to boost your motivation and productivity. 

Working Space 

Your working space is one of the most important things. Because the coronavirus pandemic forced some businesses to choose remote working as a measure of precaution, now there are over 4.5 million remote workers in the USA alone, according to

When working remotely, your working space is very important. Your brain makes some connections between places in your home and the activities you usually perform there. The easiest example is the bed. You sleep every night in your bed and your brain has learned this. If you would try to work while in bed, you will most likely experience sleepiness. It would be difficult to concentrate and be productive. 

So, you should find a corner in your room or a place in your house designed just for working. You should have an office and all the equipment you need. By having this dedicated space, you will not lose time moving the equipment, arranging it, and finding your flow every morning. Make yourself a working corner and always work from there. It will be easy to boost your productivity. And this is what all remote employees should be encouraged to do. 

Add Plants

Plants can change the feeling of a room or a house. And they can increase productivity, according to an assignment help by an assignment writing service. Plants are not only good for decorating your office, but they also oxygenate the air you breathe. At the same time, studies by some of the best writing services have found that plants can increase productivity by over 10%, so they become great assets. 

Their green color has been associated with mood and productivity boosts, as well as an improvement of efficiency. Green is the color of balance and its soothing effect can be inspiring for remote workers. 

Work with the Right Tools 

Working remotely comes with challenges, both for team members and team leaders. Since they do not work in an office anymore, communication and sharing of ideas might be more difficult. This is why team leaders and businesses need to provide their employees with the right tools. 

You need tools that ease the communication between team members and that allow you to exchange written text, as well as organize online meetings. You need tools to share files and documents across team members. And you also need tools to organize your time better and see the project progress. 

Clear Goals 

When you work in an organized manner, productivity is easy to find. You know your destination and what you have to do to reach it, so you start focusing and working. But when there are no clear goals, chaos can appear. And finding motivation and productivity in chaos is complicated. 

Setting clear goals is the solution that remote workers will find inspiring. If you are working alone, then you should do this. If you are part of a team, every team member should set clear goals. To be easy to measure your productivity and progress, you could set SMART goals. These are achievable, measurable, specific, realistic, and time-bounded. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health 

When starting to work remotely, the border between your personal and professional life might begin to weaken. This is scary for most employees who were used to working from an office and have a clear delimitation between these two. 

Taking care of your mental health when working remotely is essential. Many remote employees are not aware of this, so team leaders need to encourage them to take care of their wellbeing. If you are relaxed, you will have an easy time finding your focus and enhancing your productivity. On the other hand, if you are stressed, dissatisfied, and disappointed, you will focus only on the negative things. And this keeps remote employees away from productivity. 

Create a Routine 

Routines are very important because they give people a sense of safety and security. Remote work comes with flexibility and many employees might not use it correctly. If you are too flexible in your work and you allow yourself to mix your personal and professional work, you cannot achieve high productivity in any of these domains. 

Remote employees are often confused when they start working from home, and team leaders can help them get on track. As a team leader, you could encourage your remote employees to establish a routine. This will allow them to find the most productive times of the days and make the most of them. 

Keep Distractions Away 

Multitasking is a trend that gained momentum and employees all over the world are adopting it. But multitasking is, in fact, a productivity killer. This is why it would be better to keep distractions away and follow your routine. Employees who work from home can get easily distracted because they know remote working means flexibility. 

But distractions can make you lose your focus, and finding your flow again can be difficult and challenging. Team leaders and businesses could encourage their remote employees to keep their smartphones away, to close their unused tabs, and to focus solely on work for an hour. A short break is needed afterward to relax and calm your mind. Healthily alternating work and breaks will enhance productivity, especially if you create a distraction-free environment. 


Enhancing the productivity of employees will be more inspiring with these seven tips and tricks. Encourage your employees to have a working corner, add plants, and keep distractions away. Working with the right tools will ease communication across teams, and setting clear goals will give them the productivity they need. 

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Michael Gorman is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader from the UK who currently works at the best UK essay writing service. He also coordinates the essay writing service reviews at the best essay writing websites. Being interested in everyday development, he writes various blog posts and discovers new aspects of human existence every day. Michael loves skiing and hiking. 


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