Top Personal Finance Apps of 2019 & Beyond

Top Personal Finance Apps

We understand that learning ways to efficiently manage money is certainly an essential life skill. It is of pivotal importance to know the fundamentals of money management. Having a sound knowledge of ways to manage your debt, loans, mortgages, budgets, investing, and insurance, etc. will certainly affect your future. Managing your finances could be overwhelming for some, as it is not an easy exercise. However, thanks to the digital era, you have easy access to a host of brilliant personal finance apps that could be useful in identifying areas where you have been overspending, tracking upcoming debt repayments or bill payments, keeping track of your investment portfolio and credit score. Some of the exceptional personal finance apps boast many different features, such as bill due dates, e-mail reminders, shared wallets, and tracking subscriptions to help you competently manage your money matters. Let us explore some of the top personal finance apps for managing your money efficiently. 


As per, Mint is one of the most popular and accessible personal finance apps. It is a brilliant app and comes free. It helps you in maintaining and sticking to your pre-determined budget simply by sending you constant notifications the moment you hit a specific budget for that month. You can easily maintain excellent financial habits. This is certainly an amazing tool for giving you an excellent outlook on your present financial health. 

It gives you a comprehensive financial picture in one place. The moment you link your debit and credit cards to your bank account, Mint is pulling all your transactions, categorizing them, and demonstrating exactly how you go about spending your money every month. You could now easily go about monitoring spending and bills. You could chalk out an appropriate budget and firmly stick to it. You could consider tracking your investments and scheduling utility payments too. You may use Mint exclusively on mobile, or you could accessing your account via a desktop computer. 

Clarity Money

We understand that an increasing number of organizations are shifting to subscription models. Hence, in the process, it could be pretty easy to forget about the subscriptions you have already signed up for. Clarity Money aims to assist you in uncovering and canceling unused subscriptions. Clarity Money is great for eliminating extra or unused subscriptions. It helps you by accurately analyzing your spending behavior and provides expert suggestions to boosting your overall financial health. Clarity Money is a brilliant app that helps you in making regular savings deposits. Moreover, you have the liberty of attaching a precise goal to all your savings. You have the option of creating many different savings funds with diverse goals. 


Prism allows you to display all your financial accounts and bills in just one app, providing a total picture of your overall financial scenario. Prism touts 11,000 billers, including both smaller utility organizations, individuals, and larger banks. Once your bills are added to Prism, it automatically starts tracking your bills. Prism also sends you relevant due date reminders, helping you preventing late payments. You could consider using Prism for paying your bulls, by scheduling payments that need to be made a few days in advance or even the same day. Thanks to Prism, you no longer have to log into many different accounts to pay your bills.


Most popular personal finance apps are meant exclusively for individual use. However, Spendee is a brilliant app that lets you create shared wallets with family and friends that could be utilized for managing your shared expenses for the household budget.  You have the option of importing all your bank transactions. Spendee would then start categorizing them so that you could successfully tally the money spent every month.

With Spendee you have the option of adding cash expenses manually to get an accurate picture of where all your money, card and cash, goes. Abstain from exceeding your budget instead of sticking strictly to the budget by simply coming up with budgeted amounts for specific spending categories. You can also constantly monitor your progress toward your specific budgeting amount. Spendee boasts an effective bill tracker function, which reminds you of your bills to help you avoid late payment penalties. If you are planning a vacation or organizing a special event, you could create an additional category meant specifically for such an event for tracking spending and sticking to your pre-determined budget.


Mobills helps in organizing your expenses broadly in categories to ensure that you keep track of how your spending is gradually progressing toward a specific budgeted amount. You can examine the remaining balance that you could spend in each of these categories so that you could control your spending whenever necessary. Mobills is a wonderful budget planning app that includes many interactive charts for effectively analyzing your financial life. Moreover, you could utilize these interactive charts to make modifications for achieving your larger financial aspirations. Mobills also allows you to linky our credit cards to enable you to could check your balance as well as your overall spending limits in one place. Mobills is an excellent personal finance app that allows you to add your due dates and bills so that you can stay on top of your debts and never miss paying your bills. However, the app’s free version has certain restricted functions. Once you upgrade to the app’s premium version, you could enjoy complete access to all of the features of the app.


It is important to keep track of your finances so that you can manage your money well and stay away from any money-management mistakes. Look to one or more of these cutting-edge personal finance apps for constantly monitoring your spending and managing your money well. 

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